“My goal is to use my skills and passions to leave the world a bit more beautiful than we found it”

Kind Words

"Hi Fede! Thank you so much for taking such beautiful pictures. Now that you have captured those precious moments so beautifully, the memories not only will remain in our hearts but we can travel back in time through these beautiful pictures. I wish you all the Best!"

- Ella & William

These are Stories


Lovers, remarkable destinations, sheer individuality, style epitomized.


Family Heirloom

Tailored to you.

Highly customizable, these elegant photo albums are the best for those couples who want to preserve their wedding pictures. High in quality, a simple step-by-step process guides you through all of the options to make it completely personal. Choose your size, fabric, design, and paper to create a stylish and unique albums.


Telling your story with artful excellence

and purpose


Fine Art ALBUM


Our Fine Art album combine what you expect from a traditional wedding album with an individually hand made in Italy, they are printed on Fine Art Paper and bound in a prestigious leather or fabric. The process is labor and time intensive. Essentially, every page of a Fine Art album is a fine art print in itself. You can choose these museum works of art among medium and grand sizes; minimal gutters feature simple, clean linen or leather covers to protect the strong and impactful pages inside. Every masterpiece is hand bound and hand printed on heavy weight. We really take care of our album to preserve photographs in this way and we are proud to serve some of the best couples who want to celebrate their wedding in Italy!




Featuring a soft cover and flexible pages, the “Love Story” Magazine is a more easy way to show your stunning wedding in Italy to your friends and relatives! Maybe in the living room, sipping a drink and browsing your memories.